Monday, May 31, 2010

Splash Pad!

Today was the first day that the Splash Pad near our house was open!!! It was a little cool but if you stayed in the sun it wasn't so bad;) Abby was having a blast but Connor took a bit of time to warm up to it, and he didn't want his picture taken. There is one pic in the collage of Connor running up the hill, that is how he spent the first ten minutes or so;)
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Loving the cake!!

PRESENTS!!!!!! (you can click on the pic if you want to see if close up)

Playing her new pots and pans;)
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Hey Al, whatcha got?

Can I have some of that?

Al, do you mind if I have a sip?

Well Abby, how bout we make a deal. When you turn 21 then you can call me up and I will buy one all for you. But just one, because I am a responsible Godfather;)
(Just kidding, it's just iced tea)
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Birthday Party Morning!

As we were getting ready for the party Saturday morning Abby was really having a blast with the balloons!!!
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Wednesday, May 26, 2010


Oh my goodness! Can you believe that little baby up there is me!!! I am so much bigger now:) HEHE:)
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Tuesday, May 18, 2010

The Signs

The sign on the left I made for Abby and had it in our front yard. The one on the right her teachers made for her and they had it up in their classroom!
Happy Birthday Abigail!!!
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The Dress

So here is the dress:) doesn't it look super cute! I love the sweater with it too, which worked great since it was in the 50's when we went to school and 75 when we came home! The dress could have used a few more inches on the bottom but I just put a pair of brown shorts under it and it was fine. This way when she fell and tried to stand back up she didn't get all tangle up!

Click on the picture to see a cute video of our "runaway baby!"
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The Cake

I forgot to get a picture of it but the cake was a cute little 5 inch lemon cake with yellow whipped cream frosting, lemon creme filling, and white chocolate shavings on it. I put a little yellow balloon candle on it to for her to blow out:) We had a very intimate party in her classroom. She is the second oldest child in the classroom and the oldest had food allergies so she is still on baby food so it was just Connor and me having cake with Abby:( We had fun though and the teachers had some cake after they were done with diapers and bottles;)
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Abby loves walking around in the grass and "helping" water the flowers:)
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Monday, May 17, 2010

Little ONE!

So I told Paul that I felt like we laid our baby down to sleep tonight and tomorrow she is going to be a big girl! I know it's just 12 hours but it seems like this past year has gone by so fast. Abby is walking and babbling. She LOVES music and dancing and loves to be read too. She absolutely adores her big brother and just lights up when she sees him. She is a great eater and is taking after her daddy, they split a can of baked beans the other night! Connor and I just looked at them with our noses wrinkled from the other side of the table;) She can sign, "more," "all done," "hat," "book," "dog," "please," and............."POOP!" She is such a happy smiley baby, oops, girl.:( :) Our little girl only weighs 18lbs though! She is going to be 2 before she will be able to ride facing forward in the car;) Man, we have had a blast with her this past year and can't wait to see the young lady she is going to turn in to........

Oh and I made her a dress tonight for her to wear to school tomorrow! I can't wait to get pics, I also got her a small lemon cake to share with her friends tomorrow at school:) hehe, I also made a sign for the front yard for her!

Happy Birthday Abigail!!!!!

Thursday, May 6, 2010

Dancing at the Ballgame!

Connor does Dance, Dance, Dance and they got to dance at the Omaha Royals game tonight!!!

He did such a great job, we were sooooo super proud of him!

Can you find him? He's the one in the red;)

This is the last season that the Royals will be at Rosenblat so it was great to be a part of that.

We all had such a great time! Lilly and Papa had the chance to come down for the game too. Connor was excited to show off his moves for everyone;)
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So the other day I was telling the girls at work how Abby's hair is getting longer and it was blowing in the wind. Well they all laughed at me;) So one of the teachers brought Abby some hair in to the school for Abby! Abby loved wearing it:) Thanks Laymashia!!! Pretty soon I will have to hid it from her so she will stop wearing it!
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Family Fun

We pulled the badminton net out the other night and had some fun! It was great to be outside and enjoy the weather. We played and laughed and grill some great brats!!

The kids and Paul were having fun being silly:)
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