Tuesday, June 29, 2010


Click on the picture to see some video!!
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Connor's Swim Lessons

Here are some pictures of Connor's first swim lessons!! I will try to get some video up too:)
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Sunday, June 20, 2010

ok, maybe she looks like me:)

I have been saying how much Abigail looks like her dad for a long time but after looking at some pictures.............maybe she looks a tad like me:)

Max, Papa and Me in 1978

Me talking on the phone, yes people that is a phone, I know it's big and has a cord attached but that is what they used to look like;)

Abby in her car seat chewing on a snack:)

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Nice chair

Abby, Connor and I went back to Harlan for Father's Day and had a great chance to see a couple cousins of mine and their kids. I only got a couple pictures though:( Laura had finished feeding Clancy when Abby decided that she really liked his chair:) It was really fun to get to see everyone! HAPPY FATHERS DAY!!!!
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Connor's First Swiming Lesson

Ok, so we are on our third week now. I am a little slow:) Robin has a ton more on her camera and some video. I just keep forgetting to grab her cord so I can get them off her camera.

This is Connor all excited to go in the YMCA for his first lesson

Connor didn't even want to stand in line on his first day. When he was in the water with us before he wouldn't go under water and he wouldn't jump off the side. Now he jumps off the side to his coach, goes underwater, blows bubbles in the water. Kicks his legs on his tummy and back:) He is getting better and braver with each lesson. I hope to add more pictures soon!
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