Thursday, June 21, 2012

Father's Day

This is how I spent part of my Father's Day;) Since Paul was gone and Abby had spilled apple juice on the floor the day before I had a great chance to scrub the floors! Woo Hooo, so much fun ;) I had dried up Abby's mess but it was still a little sticky so I decided it was a great excuse to get the table out of there and scrub. I turned out nice ;)
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Pony Rides at Papillion Days

Both the kiddos really wanted to ride the ponies but we forgot to save time for it on Saturday night when we were there. So I promised we would stop by on Sunday before they packed up.

Abby had a BLAST and I think she would have ridden each and every pony if she could have. Connor had fun too but I think he was trying to look all "big kid" on the pony ;) 
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Sunday, June 17, 2012

Abby's Face, the morning after......

Poor girl. I don't see any bruising but it doesn't look good either! Ouch! Hope it heals fast:(
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Saturday, June 16, 2012

Papillion Day Outfit #25 Abby will NEVER be allowed to leave the house in!

My daughter will never be allowed to leave the house like this!!!! I don't know if you can see, but she has 2 silver studs along her pelvic bone, where a "tramp stamp" would be.....

Not only did the short shorts get me and the entire midriff showing and the belly ring and the studs on her back and the fact that it was strapless and just a thin piece of elastic holding it up but it has a big cut out in the back! That little boyfriend of hers will most likely not have his hands in his pockets all night.

I am so just going to have to stalk my children at this age!!!
Ok, enough of the mom rant, I just never want to deal with this!!! Mom, Dad?? Clark, Ebby, you want them at this age?????? 
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Papillion Days

Ready for Papillion Days!! We dressed a little grubby since it has been raining for three days! I even wore my mowing shoes!
Abby's feet were already dirty from markers this morning so I figured, bring on the mud!
Papillion La Vista South, Titans Marching Band. They weren't ISUCF"V"MB but they were good for a high school band:) Gotta love the drum line! I wanted to yell, "Cow Bell!!!!!!!" but figured they wouldn't know what I was talking about!

 Bounce House! Best deal of the day! $2 and since there wasn't a line the kiddos got to bounce to their hearts content!
On their four-wheeler
She wanted her own motorcycle though! Vroom Vroom!
my tough guy!

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Papillion Days, Part Duex

Check out the nice moat around the merry-go-round from our three days of rain! While we were sitting down eating our supper the kid in the jeans and blue shirt tried to jump off but didn't let go at the right time and he got dragged though the muddy water. His entire front was wet, from shoulders to feet, yuck :(
Tae Kwon Do demo
Messy face!

and hands!
snow cones, good to the last drop! I also love that the bowl is almost bigger than her face. Don't worry she shared some with her brother ;)
more damage from the storms, we saw this on the way back to our car.
So not only did poor Abs skin her knee on the way to the carnival but she totally biffed it right in front of our car on the way back! She was running and tripped and stopped herself with her face :( She is one tough cookie though. Not only did she get up and dust herself off after skinning her knee but the thing had been bleeding the whole time she was running to the carnival. When she went to take off her shoes for the bounce house she had about a two inch trail of blood down her leg! I had to wipe her off before she could bounce. She was a bit more upset about her face though :( poor girl.
Dolphin helped it feel a little better.....
By the time I had her buckled in her face was starting to swell :( Good thing I had an ice pack in the first aid kit!
Well, at least one child made it out in one piece!
How black and blue will this little face be in the morning??
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Trying to Catch the Storm

 Connor was supposed to have a double header today, first game at 9:30 next at 10:30. Well by 10:15 the storm clouds were rolling in and the lightning was striking. We had some nice lightning and I was going to try to get a pic but I am too slow. So just got the clouds. We have had rain storms for the last three days!

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