Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Silly Abby

As part of getting ready to stay at home there were some items I wanted to get. One of those items were the large plastic multi-colored buttons that come in different shapes and would be fun to sort! Well my WAY more practicle and thrifty husband looked at me and said, "so you want something plastic, that is different colors and shapes?" me: Yes "Why don't you just have her use the hundreds of Legos that we have down there?" me:hmmmmmmm, fine I suppose that will work, grrrr.

Well I grabbed some colored construction paper and had her sort them! It worked well except for the fact that she didn't really want to do it;) She did start using her colored plates, the red, green and yellow ones and stuck the blocks on those. Then she just wanted to build with them;)

Ok, and I HAD to document this! She had the laundry basket in the middle of the room, trying and trying to get it in but it wasn't working. So she pulled it over to the couch.....

and figured out how to get in!!


Short lived success;) That's what happens when you get a little too confident. She started doing a victory dance and tipped over!

Oh, man! Shake it off Abby!!
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Making Cinnamon Rolls

Well the cinnamon rolls were made and rising in the pan. There was some left over flour on the counter and I was sweeping it in to a pile to wipe off when Abby and Connor said they wanted to play with it. Abby was interested a lot longer than Connor:) She stayed up there for about an hour or maybe more. At one time I looked over and she wasn't there. I asked Ebby if she knew where she was, she didn't, I asked Paul and Clark, they didn't know where she was. I called her name and UP she POPPED! She said, "Here I am! I just cleaning the stool." I guess she has dropped some of the flour on the step stool and she was wipping it onto the floor ;)

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My Lunch Dates ;)

Sunday before lunch the kiddos wanted to play dress up. Well, they didn't want to change before we went out to lunch with Oma and Grandpa Clark so Darth and Minnie came out to lunch with us;)
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Four Genereations Keeping Her Warm

I don't know if you can read the writing or not but Abby is sleeping and being kept warm by 4 generations! She has a quilt made by my Great Grandma Reinig, a blanket given to her by my Grandma Reinig and quilts made by my mother, mother-in-law and myself :) Now granted the blanket given to her from Target is her favorite but we shall never speak of that again;) I really like the fact that blankets made by the hands of so many wonderful women are keeping my daughter warm and safe while she sleeps.
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Thursday, February 16, 2012

Eyeball hat!!!! There are three on the front and 2 on the back;) I can't wait to get a picture of it on Connor!

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Paul's Birthday!

Paul's Birthday Cake

Look at Abby's face. She is just waiting, thinking, "Dad, hurry up and blow those darn candles out so we can eat that cheesecake!!"

That was Paul's piece, who am I to say that was WAY to big;)

Look at this plate. Abby starts whining saying, "Don't like it. I only like strawberries." Really Abs, you ate it all except for one stinking bite and then say you don't like it?????

Connor on the other hand though ate his with two hands almost!! Hand or fist, first one finished;)
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On Our Way to the YMCA!

Abby was swinging on the banister while I was gathering up the towels and things. She was just so stinking cute singing and swinging I just had to snap a couple pictures!! She wanted a pony tail in, "No piggies Momma, pony!" and she just looked so grown up! She is sure getting to be a big girl..............:(

Yes, I know she has two different shoes on. I could only find three shoes in her room and none of them matched! At least both of these were soft soled so she wouldn't be walking lopsided with one soft soled and one hard soled shoe;)

I asked her if I could get a picture of her pony;)
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Boy "flowers"

So I have learned to make flowers for the hats I have been making. Connor didn't want flowers on his hat, he wanted EYEBALLS!!! He wanted them bloodshot but then he decided he wanted the middle part red;) The one in the middle I tired to make look bloodshot, He wanted five of them on the front of his hat so I have some started and 2 left to go!!
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Monday, February 13, 2012

My newest hat!

I made this hat on Sunday and it went sooooooo much smoother than the last one. I think that I will make a few different flowers that I can switch out to put on it. I also made a heart in honor of Valentine's Day tomorrow;)

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Happy Valentine's Day!!

Connor's Valentine's Day cards:) Aren't the cute;) Can you imagine how many pictures I took to get this one, just about 7!!!
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Sock Puppets

Connor wanted to make sock puppets after school one day. Abby doesn't really know what those are because she put socks on her hands and jumped up on the couch declaring, "I'm Sock Puppet!" So proud:)
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Look I'm Mommy!!!

So apparently all it takes to be Me is, a pair of tennis shoes and an ISU hat ;) Abby found my shoes, slipped them on then grabbed a hat and scooted around the house singing, "I'm Mommy, I'm Mommy......" It was very cute;)
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Stage One

Since Paul had been on medical leave he hadn't shaved at all. Well this past weekend was his first drill back and he had a VERY full beard to shave off. He thought he would see if I noticed and just shaved the sides, leaving a very full goatee;) He is all clean shaven now and I have to admit, I kind of miss the beard. But I like kissing a clean shaven face better ;) ;)
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