Sunday, August 19, 2012

Pinterest item made!!!

My kiddos are totally cold cereal and pb&j kids. That is all they would ever eat if I didn't step in and make something else. Abby is not really an egg eater either, if I makes scrambled eggs she might take one maybe two bites. She will eat her toast and bacon, but eggs aren't her thing. So I went on Pinterest in search for some breakfast ideas that might get them eating some more;) I found a few great ideas, today I tried, Bacon Egg Wraps from

Abby loves being mommy's helper. She helped crack the eggs and mix in the cheese! 

Putting the bacon in the muffin tin:) 

Filled with cheese/egg mixture 

Right out of the oven! 

Nothing goes better with some Bacon Egg Wraps than some homemade applesauce!!!! 

I think they were a hit ;)
Even Abby ate a whole one! More eggs than she has had in one sitting I think forever! Connor had 2 and Paul and I ate the rest (Paul even came back to the table to eat the leftovers ;) )
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Saturday, August 18, 2012


Checking out the sites from the Ferris Wheel!
Consulting maps to see where everything is ;)
Tea Cups!!

The Tea Cups were Abby's favorite ride!! Connor really liked The Galleon but Abby, not so much ;) 

Paul tried to get a nice picture of Connor and me after the Raging River but Connor was still upset about the fact that the raft turned at the last minute and we got soaked :-) 

Abby and Paul celebrating their dryness, so unfair:) 

Abby thought that the old miner talking before The Underground was too loud. She also didn't like this ride, too dark. She spent most of it tucked under my arm. 

The bumper cars were a big hit for both of them! 

Just a cute picture;) 

Sorry Connor, we got wet again. Paul was the big winner of the "who is going to stay dry today contest" 

Abby also really loved the boats:)

And then of course the camera battery died and I didn't have a back up. oops ;) I think we rode most of the rides the first day. Connor even did the Dragon, the upside down roller coaster! He didn't really like it and unfortunatly didn't want to ride any of the other roller coasters the rest of the day. But we all had a lot of fun, even though Connor and I got drenched on both the water rides and Paul stayed dry. The second day we hit the water park part and the kids, of course, loved it!!! I was a big fan of the lazy river:)

The day after that we went to Ames to meet up with Paul's parents and see the awesome Lego display at Rieman Gardens. I am hoping that someday they will email me some pics, or learn how to put them on Facebook so I can snag them from there ;)
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Bumpy Slides at the Gene Leahy Mall

Connor had been asking to go to the bumpy slides downtown for awhile but it had been so hot and I was still nauseous that I kept putting it off. Well, I finally felt well enough to take them, early in the morning so it wasn't so hot. And thankfully there are a lot of trees around for shade too:)

Connor loves the slides, the faster the better. He even brought cardboard and wax paper so they would go faster!

Abby on the other hand wasn't brave enough at the begining of the morning to try them so she stuck to the frog. 

and Connor joined her for awhile 


And then of course she found some leaves to play with ;)

and of course all the stairs to climb and rocks to play with ;)

And FINALLY we got her to go on the slides ;) She used wax paper the last time she went down. I say the last time, not b/c we left right afterwards but b/c she went so fast that she flew off the end and landed in the dirty rocks at the bottom and was totally done with the slides the rest of the morning:( We will just have to try again some other day ;)

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I wear my sunglasses.....

Abby found a pair of my sunglasses and had them on. I thought she looked very cute in them so I snapped a couple pictures.

and no picture taking can happen in the house w/o Connor getting in on the action ;)
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Thumb sucker

I didn't know I had a thumb sucker????? I caught her on the couch like this the other day. I wonder how often she does it?? I have never seen her do it before. who knows ;)
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Vampire Abby

Abby loves cherries and we were having some a while back. Connor thougth she looked like a vampire!!
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Fourth of July

So I am a little late getting these up:) I noticed I have a lot of pics that need to get on here so I might as well start with the fourth!

A nice sweaty family picture, taken by Connor;) 

Connor goofing around while we waited for it to get dark 

some sparklers 

kiddos goofing around, I am suprised they didn't fall asleep before the fireworks started b/c all they did was run and goof around! They were so sweaty!!! 
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Reusable Produce Bag

Wooooo Hooooo!!! I just finished my first bag and totally love the way it came out:) Paul said, "wow it really stretched, kind of looks like a fishing net now." Thanks dear ;)

This is the bag loaded up with about 20 apples I picked from my neighbor's tree! 

Just a few apples to see the shape a little better 

And my artisitc shot ;) Look at the natural lighting, the wonderful contrast of the blue, green and dark brown, and of course the light sprinkling of leaves:) Ok so the leaves were mixed in with the apples and I just left them, that part was not really planned but sure gives the picture a little extra something, don't ya think ;) 
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