Thursday, September 6, 2012

Tumbling Abby:)

Today was Abby's first day of her tumbling class:) She couldn't stand still while I tired to get her picture, just too much posing going on!
Doing some warm-ups 

They did Itsy Bitsy Spider, Big Fat Gorilla and Tinie Tiny Spider to help stretch their legs ;)

Listening to instructions for the different stations. Abby did such a great job using her listening ears and waiting in line, so proud of her ;) 

So the first station was forward rolls, second was hand stands (those two stations had a teacher there, the other three they kiddos had to do on their own) Third was the......crab roll and let's face, #1 Abby probably lost the instructions after she explained how to do a forward roll:) and #2 She hasn't done a "crab walk" for a very long time, if ever, so that is what she is trying to do there ;) Then on to the balance beam, she rocked that ;) and then the trampoline, where they were supposed to do five jumps and go to the forward roll station again. Well she didn't do only five jumps but none of the kiddos stopped jumping after five jumps:) It's just too much fun!!!

 Then they worked on their splits!! I love that one of the coaches is very pregnant, she did a great job holding her own ;) You can tell that she has experience, cause this pregnant woman wouldn't have been able to get all the way down into those splits like this coach did!

I have some great video so hopefully I can get that added soon!

Monday, September 3, 2012

Date Night

We took advantage of Robin being here and had a date night:) We went and listened to some music at Shadow Lake and then had a great dinner at Nebraska Brewing Company and then some DQ:) Very fun night to get out and be just the two of us (ok well three of us;) )

Baby Three, 24 Weeks

Robin was here visiting and she snapped a few pictures for me. We were being goofy and she got this one, which I think is still kind of cute ;)

And there is the bump, all 24 weeks of me. Oh lord I have so many more weeks to go, and get bigger!!!!!

Boys will be boys

I don't think these pictures really need captions ;) Connor and Paul just started wrestling the other night. It looks like Paul is giving him a beating in some of the pictures but I assure you not only did Connor love it but he sure dished it out too ;)

THE HULK, all 50lbs of him ;)

So there is Fancy Nancy, I guess this is Awesome Abby ;)

So remember the score of great clothes I got at Big Wheels to Butterflies? Well this is her "princess dress" :) She loves how much it swings. She thought she needed to show it off for me a little ;) Then I told her to go grab some shoes so we could go grab lunch......

Not only did she grab some shoes (her new Nikes) but she also grabbed her new wool winter coat and lady bug backpack ;) Now, yes, it is getting close to fall but the temps have still been in the 90's!!!!! No need for the winter coat yet. But thankfully she took it off in Panera and let me hold it on the way back to the car ;)

:) Awesome Abby ;)

Apple Painting:)

So I feel like I have lost my ECE groove a little when I see these pics! #1 I let her start painting with her cute yellow shirt on...........

Phew got the shirt off and when she was trying to paint with the apples and was having a hard time and getting paint on her shirt I realized something else #2 It would be so much easier to paint with apples if I put the corn on the cob thingies in them!!!

I am cutting myself some slack b/c I managed to get my kitchen cleaned up nicely while she was busy painting ;)

Just had to share, it hardly every looks like this, someone is always laying something on the counter or there are dishes from snack or whatever in the sink, crumbs on the table cloth, but not for that afternoon:) For that afternoon, it was wonderfully clean!!!!  :)

Just another day at the Whitford House

I think I mentioned on another post that I had found a Pinterest link to 25 breakfasts, well here is another one ;) Pancake and Sausage Bites!! Super yummy and super easy. Make your pancake mix pour into mini muffin tins and then add the cooked sausage! 
 As you can see, the kids loved dipping and munching on these yummy "muffins" they even had them without syrup for snack!

 This, is how a three year old "makes her bed." Connor and Abby make their beds when they wake up before they get dressed. Well Connor does a really good job of getting all the sheets and blankets pulled up, Abby, well she just does her blanket. But I have to admit that is the only thing she covers up with. For the summer we haven't even put her bedspread back on!

And of course I love when Abby wakes up from nap and says, "I have a good nap mom? I sweaty."