Saturday, May 12, 2012

My Pirate and Fairy

The local berry farm had a Pirate festival last weekend and so Connor and Abigail and I headed out for the fun! While we were there Connor talked me into buying him a crossbow and the bandana and Abby got a fairy crown and some butterfly wings ;)


My little fairy ;)
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Friday, May 11, 2012

  Abby has been able to type her name on a computer for awhile now, thanks to the opening infant teacher at the child care center. She would let Abby play on the computer while waiting for other children to show up. So today I thought we would practice on paper! Abby grabbed her orange color and got right to work!

Proudly pointing to her name!

She did such a great job! This is the first time I had her try to write her name, she isn't even three yet!

Most of her A's looked like H's but hey, not too shaby for a 2 year old!
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Ice skating!

So Abby and I did a little ice skating last week;) Abby loved it but thought it was a little tricky to keep them on your feet. She lapped the living room a few times before she decided she was done.
 My little skater ;)
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Storm Chasers!

Connor had a reading program at his school and by reading and writing the names of the books he read he earned a ticket to the Storm Chasers game, on Easter Sunday! So after church we went to brunch at my Aunt Dee's and then off to the ball game!

the weather was great and the kids loved eating hot dogs on in the grass while watching the game. Then after the game Connor got to run the bases! 
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The kiddos on Easter morning. Don't they look so cute and happy! Abby got the game Candy Land and Connor got some Star Wars Legos! They both got bubbles and bouncy balls and loved their candy too! 
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The Anteaters!

Here they are saying the YMCA pledge:)

Connor has been having a great time playing soccer this year! His team is the Anteaters and they have a great coach who has really been teaching them a ton! 

Abs had to get in the picture too of course;) 
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Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Great Day

After the riding, and casting, we just enjoied the day:) The weather was wonderful for early April!!!
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Practicing the cast

After we rode bikes the boys worked on some casting in the front yard.

Connor seems to really like fishing, can't tell if it's the quite time with dad, the actually catching the fish, playing with worms or the fact that they often get Mc Donald pancakes for breakfast when they go that he likes the best. Maybe all of it;)
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Ride on little lady

And of course Abby had to have some time to ride too;)
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Ride on little man, ride on

We took Connor over to Walnut Creek to practice riding w/o training wheels!

He did pretty good! It was really windy and he takes after his mom with a nervous laugh so that was throwing off his groove too. Also the bike is a bit small so I think we are going to keep our eyes open for a bigger bike and keep trying all summer!
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Spring Mantle

Here is my new spring mantle! I usually do the big wreath in the middle and some pictures or candles on the mantle but this time I thought I would change it up. I went on Pinterest to get some ideas and came up with this! You can kind of see the big eggs that the kiddos and I made for Easter hanging up too;)
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My new running shoes

April 2, 2012

 10 days before I found out I was pregnant ;) So needless to say they are being used to walk but I didn't really get to the running yet;) After Ferrall's I was really motivated and I was planning on becoming a jogger. Well I had been working out at the YMCA keeping in shape and getting used to a new routine. Getting excited to work my way up to being a runner, so I bought brand new running shoes. I ran for a few days, not much b/c I am just a beginer. Well then I found out I was pregnant and decided that taking up a new activity my body wasn't used to was not the thing to do. So come January ;) Maybe these shoes will be ran in! As for right now they are great for the walking I have been doing to keep in shape.
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The view from my kitchen

March 31, 2012

This was the view from my kitchen:) I have since added a couple more feeders and we have been getting , Cardinals, Finches, Robins and a mix of other little birds we have yet to ID :) The kids love to watch them and so far Modi has seemed to tolerate them too ;) 
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