Saturday, December 26, 2009

This is a blanket that my Great Grandma gave Abigail. Isn't is just such a cute, happy blanket. I love the colors, they make me smile. Abby likes the fringe:)
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"I'm dreaming of a White Christmas..."

Ok so there really isn't any need to dream, we are having one!

The poor Baby Jesus is lost beneath the snow............
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Grandpa and Grandma Reinig

We finally got shoveled out and we made it over to my Grandparents house!!! Abby had fun spending time with her Great Grandparents:) Connor just had fun being in a different house! He was all wound up, full of energy!! We had a nice visit and even got Connor's picture in front of their big snow drift:)
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So needles to say, Connor loved his Christmas gifts. Abby on the other hand preferred my mother's Croc. She did have a great time with her new toys too, I think that she just really wanted to know why we kept trying to keep the shoes away from her:)

Connor had a great time playing "good guy/bad guy" with his new transformers! He always has at least on in his coat pocket:)
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Friday, December 25, 2009

Seven Months Old!

Well our little lady is now SEVEN months old! She is sitting like a champ, rolling all over, doing the ever loved army crawl, saying "dada" or dad likes to think ;), and just tonight she pulled herself up on the edge of the tub!!! She has had some scrambled eggs, toast, some juice and she loves them all!!! She was sleeping from 7pm-7am but since her tubes she has been waking up a ton more. We are working on getting back to that nice 12 hour night. Lets see, is there anything else???? Oh, she loves to sing and dance. She will shake and rock and laugh!!! She loves to be read to and sung to, she is such a happy little lady. She has SUCH a temper though :( We are working on that too ;) wish us luck! We sure don't need a diva on our hands, no time for that!
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Pierced ears

This was the day that Abby had her tubes put in. We didn't really get her ears pierced ;) They had to mark her ears and I have to admit, I thought that it was kind of cute!

She even got her right ear "double pierced" actually her ear folded over when I was nursing her and it rubbed off ;)
The surgery went great. The beginning of recovery, not so much. The nurses at Children's Hospital were great. They tried to prepare us for the fact that she would be in pain when she came back to us and that sucking and burping could possibly hurt. Well when she came back to us she was SCREAMING. It was a scream that I hope I never have to hear again. She just was miserable! She couldn't get comfy, she was in pain and she was hungry but nursing hurt her. I just wanted to cry. But then, BOOM the nurses came back in with meds, soft music and a warm blanket and she was out! What relief, for both of us!! She slept and when she woke up she was back to her normal self. As we were leaving she was checking everything out and talking :) It was so wonderful to see her happy after how bad she felt before. She had a great day but her nights have been pretty off since then. We went to her pediatrician to get her second flu shot and she checked her ears for me. She said they were the best she has every seen them, phew! But that means that my daughter is waking up 3-5 times a night screaming for some other reason! We are trying hard not to go in to her room, and let her figure it out and get herself back to sleep, especially now that we know she is not in pain, but it's so hard to hear her scream! Lets hope tonight is better..........
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Christmas with the Bakers

We had Christmas with the Bakers a few weeks ago here are some of the highlights :)

After all the present opening the grown-ups set to work on their puzzles

I ALMOST had it :) so close but so far away! Max got his (he looked online and got help) and Paul got his. Three weeks later I have burned mine......just kidding ;) I have been thinking about it though, it's so maddening!!!!
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Weeks 3, 4 & 5

Ok, so I am slipping a bit with the weekly pictures :) I am taking them most weeks but am having a hard time getting on the computer to get them up! So here are three weeks at once :)

This was after Christmas eve mass. I think that I may be the most normal looking person in this picture :)

Connor and mom snuggling on Sam the Seal :)

My try at taking a pic by myself :) So do you think that I like that green shirt or what??? Maybe I need to keep it out of rotation for a while or you guys are going to think that is all I wear!

Thursday, December 10, 2009

Tubes for Abby

Abby has had ear infections off and on since the middle of October :( She has been on Amoxicillian, Augmenten, Omnicef, Rocefin and Suprex (may have misspelled all of those ;) )Since none of those are working to actually get rid of the ear infection they have to do tubes. Hopefully that will help her and she will feel better. She has been a real trooper and Dr. Denman even said she was one tough cookie because she has been acting really good even though her right ear is really infected and nothing is helping. My mom and I said it was sad because she probably thinks that the pain is just normal now:( I am a bit nervous because even though it is a simple procedure she will still be put under general anesthesia and it's still surgery. But I know she will do great and be a brand new little girl when it's all over. The surgery is scheduled for Friday December 18th.

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

"Give Me Some of THAT!!!"

I think that would be what Abby would be yelling if she could speak. Paul was holding Abby in the kitchen near the stove and I walked over and took a piece of garlic bread off the baking sheet. Abby about JUMPED out of Paul's arms and tried to knock me down to get the bread! I was eating a PB & J today and feeding her some peas and peaches. She was eating but she just kept looking at me with this glare. Like she was thinking in her head, "You witch! How dare you eat that in front of me and not SHARE!!! Didn't your mother teach you to share!!! Were you raised in a barn????" Ever since she had her first biter biscuit she seems to think that she can just eat everything! Her doctor said that she could now have most breads, yogurt and eggs. So the other day for breakfast she had some scrambled eggs and dry toast. I don't know how much, if any that she actually ate by the look of her high chair but she LOVED the whole process:) speaking of Abby eating Paul is holding her saying she is hungry, AGAIN ;)

Sunday, December 6, 2009

Saturday, December 5, 2009

Biter Biscuits are YUMMY!

Tonight I gave Abs a biter biscuit for the first time, she LOVED it!!! It was a bit messy but she really liked being in control of her food. And the pictures of her where she looks like she is stuffed, well she was getting irritated with the red light that comes on before the flash so she kept shutting her eyes;)
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Sunday, November 29, 2009

Little Drummer Boy

So clearly Connor wanted his picture taken and NOT to be taped! Notice how he gets distracted so easily at the end ;)

Connor was playing the drums for us and for some reason he just couldn't keep his pants up! Grandpa Clark and Dad may have had a hand in that ;)
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Thanksgiving 2009

These are the only Thanksgiving pictures that I got on our camera so hopefully we get some more emailed to us!

Abby dancing with Daddy

Cutie Abby


Abby snuggling with Auntie Megan
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Sunday, November 15, 2009

Week Two

So can I tell you that I love the fact that in this picture the only person looking at the camera is the infant! Usually all the other people are looking and waiting until the infant looks at that camera. Well none of us were looking the right way or had our eyes open but Abby, man is she making good eye contact with the camera ;) Good job little lady! Abby, Connor and I went to my parents this weekend (Paul had drill) because Max and Jacob were there. Connor and Jacob had a GREAT time together. A little rowdy for me but they had a good time.

Saturday, November 14, 2009

Fall Fun at Lily and Papa's!

The boys had a great time running around and them we raked some leaves together and they had a blast playing in them too. Abby got dressed up all warm too and enjoyed some fresh air.

Hello, lovely lady!

Peek-a-boo!! Coonor thought that Jacob's funny face looked like a dinosaur!
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Thursday, November 12, 2009

52 week challange

Ok, I saw this on my friend Amy's blog and I am joining the challange!! I challange all you other mommies out there to start too!!! It says you are supposed to do Thursdays but I had a great picture that Paul took of us on Sunday and so last week was my Week One and I will get another picture this week, I can't wait!!

Sunday, November 8, 2009

What a lovely day!!

Connor is getting so good at the Firer Pole!!

The weather was great and we had a wonderful time. I told Connor that we could go back after nap. So I better hurry to the store before he wakes up!! Bye!
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Our Walk

(ok, I keep trying to get this down by the pic with the children and me but it keeps going to the top so, oh well!)
Almost to the park, I think Connor ran the whole way. Connor seemed more excited than Modi :)

"I'm alright!"

I think that this is the best way to go to the park ;)

Awwwww, Mom and the kids :)

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