Friday, January 1, 2010

High Waters :)

When Abby was born, my mom gave me a cute, cuddly little outfit for her. It was a cozy winter outfit and it was a 12 month size. I thought she was crazy because I can do math and my baby wasn't going to be 12 months until next MAY!! Not really when you wear fleece and snowmen but I accepted it and tucked it away. Well I was looking through some of her "next size" clothes in a bin that I had in the closet and guess what outfit was in there????? Sure enough the snow man outfit! Well I thought, "what the heck, I'll try it on her and see how big it is." Well, if you look at the pictures, there really isn't a worry about how "big" it is only on how "big" my baby is!!! They are high waters on her!!! When she stands up they are pulling at the diaper!?!?!?! Oops! well at least she got to wear it once, and it's in the washing machine right now, she will probably wear it this weekend too :) Sorry mom!!! She could have been wearing if for at least a month or two!! I even put tights on under it so her legs wouldn't get cold sticking out the bottom:)

I got many compliments on it too, I will have to keep it in rotation for a few days at least. We are doing Christmas with Paul's family tomorrow. Maybe she will wear it there too!
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Amy said...

So sad she didn't get to wear it more - it is such a cute outfit. I admit I have done that with a few outfits before though too. Aidan and Ella missed out on some cute stuff cause I didn't think it would fit when it did!