Friday, May 11, 2012

  Abby has been able to type her name on a computer for awhile now, thanks to the opening infant teacher at the child care center. She would let Abby play on the computer while waiting for other children to show up. So today I thought we would practice on paper! Abby grabbed her orange color and got right to work!

Proudly pointing to her name!

She did such a great job! This is the first time I had her try to write her name, she isn't even three yet!

Most of her A's looked like H's but hey, not too shaby for a 2 year old!
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Anonymous said...

That looks so great! Way to go Abby!!!! :D

Sarah said...

Didn't she do a GREAT job!!!

Anonymous said...

Looks awesome! I love her smile & outfit, too - what an adorable little girl! -E