Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Birth Story

So we have made it just over 24 hours! Abigail is doing great. The pediatrician was in this morning and said that she looked a little jaundice so they are going to check that out this morning. She goes in for her first official pediatrician appointment tomorrow morning at 9:20am since we are getting released after 24hours. So here is how it all started :)

As most of you know I was scheduled for an induction on May 18th at 6:30am. Well Miss Abigail was born at 6:50am on May 18th. No, it wasn't the fastest induction and birth in history. My water broke at 11:45pm on Sunday night! So we called L&D and they said to come on in. We got there about 12:30am. I still didn't really have any contractions but I was positive for Group B Strep so I needed to get antibiotics. They started checking me and the baby and did a swab to see if it was really my water breaking b/c there wasn't a ton of fluid. The test came back positive for amniotic fluid and so we were admitted. The midwife came in and said that since I was scheduled for an induction and since I was positive for GBS she wanted to keep things moving and we decided to go ahead and try to move things along ( I was having some contractions, just not very strong) with Cytotec. It's a small pill that they insert to help soften and dilate the cervix. When I was admitted they checked me and I was 2cm, 75% effaced and baby was at 0 station. The same stats I had 10 days earlier. So then once that was placed the midwife said she hoped I could get some sleep and we would check on things later. Well I didn't really get any sleep. The contractions got stronger and more often. She came in and checked on me again ( and an hour before I was still 2cm) This time I was 5cm!!! We called my mom and said that maybe she should drive over if she wanted to be here for the birth! Then about 2 hours later I was 9cm and getting ready to push! I called for the nurse and midwife about 6am saying I was ready. The contractions were getting pretty intense by then. Well as soon as the nurse and midwife came in the contractions lessened. I did a few pushes but not much came of it. So we hung out and the midwife told us a funny story about when she was in nursing school! Well then the contractions came back with a vengeance and it was time to get down to business. I started really pushing about 6:30 or so and Abigail was here but 6:50!! Not too shabby! My labor with Connor was 22 hours with an epidural, this was 5.5 hours drug free!! I am really happy to have had at least one natural birth. If we are lucky enough to have a third I will try it natural again.
We are all home now and Paul and I took advantage of the fact that my mom was home. After lunch Connor, Mom and Dad took a nap. Paul and I slept for 3 hours!!!! We doubled the sleep we got last night! Well I better sign off and go check on my family, we are all doing really well and are VERY happy to be home.

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