Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Abby's First Week

Abby's first week at school went really well. Her first 2 days were a little rough but then she ended up working herself right into a nice schedule. I would come to work thirty minutes early to feed her and then she naps for an hour or two. Then she would eat again and then play and then nap and then eat. She has been napping really well, so that is great. I have been able to nurse her every time she's hungry too. Which on the upside, I haven't had to pump but on the downside, she still doesn't really like to take a bottle. She has taken up to two ounces but usually she only takes one or so. She is growing so fast! She was 8 weeks yesterday and will be 2 months on Saturday. She is cooing more now and LOVES to suck on her hands and blow spit bubbles :)
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Candace said...

Sarah, I'm glad her first week went well! She is looking more and more like her Daddy every time I see pictures of her! She is so beautiful :)