Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Abby's Surgery

So yesterday we got up and got ready to go to the hospital. We got there a little early and things were moving quick. They got her stats and history, Abby wasn't too happy about that. We were instructed to not feed her after 7:30am and she is used to eating every two hours. Her surgery wasn't scheduled until 11:30am. I knew she would be miserable so I nursed her at 7:15am. The nurse said that the room was ready and anesthesia was ready, they were just waiting to see if the surgeon wanted to go early. They came back and said that things were going to start at 10:30. It was almost 10 and I wasn't near ready to let her go yet. Paul had her and she was sleeping in her arms. The nurse though it would be better for him to hold her since I smelled like lunch ;) It was hard to just sit there while she cried for me. Paul got her to sleep and then I was just sitting there doing nothing :( Thankfully Abby's teacher gave us a bag of Hugs and Kisses so I had a few of those and unwrapping them gave me something to do :) It was 10:05 and nobody had been back in. I looked at Paul and said, "They are all going to come in in a rush and then she will be gone...." I wasn't ready. The anesthesiologists came in. One younger guy was all business and talked us through what was going to happen and what to expect. Dr. Williams or Wilson (something like that) was leaning on the door frame. He was older and much more relaxed. He added a few tidbits and then as they were leaving he looked and me and said, "don't worry, we will take good care of her." That meant SO much. then the surgeon came in and talked us through the surgery again and marked her belly button, just to make sure they didn't get the "wrong" belly button :) Then the woman from transport came in and said it was time for our last hugs and kisses and she was going to take her. I gave her little kisses all over her face and she just looked so tiny laying in the middle of the big hospital bed. Then she was wheeled out of the room to surgery. Paul and I hugged and then waited. Thankfully the surgeon was back in our room within the hour to let us know how it went. "Textbook, Great" that's all I really heard. He said, "You won't even know I was in there" Then I waited to see the anesthesiologists. I just wanted to know that that went all right and that she was awake. They came in and said things went great too, phew! Then a few minutes later I could hear her crying. It was happy and sad at the same time. She was awake but she wasn't happy. I hadn't gone to the bathroom since we got to the hospital and my eyes were floating. I ran quick to the restroom and not even gone a minute and when I came back she was already in Paul's arms. It was such a relief to see her!!!!! We stayed in the room for about an hour after surgery and they checked her vitals every fifteen minutes. She was doing great and the nurse said we could go home or stay another hour. Since she was doing so great, she had eaten and was resting, we decided to head home so we would all be more comfortable. She was a bit sore and cranky but slept and ate well the rest of the day. Her night was a little restless and she ate every 2 hours. She is on Tylenol for the rest of the day still and is doing GREAT! I just owe so much to the staff at Children's Hospital. They all did a great job to make us comfortable, they took great care of our baby and I can't imagine having a better staff or hospital to go through something like this. I hope we don't need to see them again but if something happens with either of the children I will feel very confidant to go back. Thank you all for your thoughts and prayers during this time. We feel so lucky to have Abby home and doing so well. I know that it wasn't a major surgery but I was pretty uneasy about having my 2 month old going under anasteisa. I appreciate all the thoughts and prayers that helped it go so smoothly!


Bearden 365 said...

I am so so so glad it all went well Sarah! Yay for Abby!

Amy said...

Glad everything went so well!

Tonya said...

It's good to hear Abby did so great!