Friday, September 18, 2009

Connor Update

We have been keeping an eye on Connor's speech for a little over a year now. We had the ladies from Papillion/La Vista schools come out just after Connor had turned 3 to check his speech. They said that he was doing pretty well, he had about half the sounds a three year old should have and since he just had turned 3 they figured with some work on our behalf he should catch up. They also said that they could understand 80% of what he said. So they gave us some work sheets that had pictures and the words with the sounds that he was having trouble saying on them and she just wanted us to say them and when he said something wrong to repeat it 2-3 times in response to him. That is something that we did a lot anyway, just to clarify what he was saying. Well over the last year I haven't felt like there has been much improvement at all so I called again to see if he could be reevaluated. We met with the preschool speech lady on Monday and she said that we were smart to have called. She said that she could only understand 75% of what he was saying and by 4 you should be able to understand 90%. She also said that Connor was a GREAT little guy and she loved working with him. Unfortunately she said that his speech problem may not be just a speech problem. She said that before she could work with him she needed us to see and ENT to see if it was adenoids or something like that. She said that the sounds he was having trouble with and the substitutions he was making led her to think it may be a medical issue. So thankfully we have an ENT in the family so I didn't just have to pick a name out of the phone book. We got in to see Dave on Tuesday morning so that was great. He checked out Connor, Connor did a WONDERFUL job, he didn't fuss or anything and let Dave do what he needed to do. He advised us to see some specialists at Boys Town Research Hospital. They called today to set up an appointment. So, on October 9th we are spending about 4 hours with ENTs, Speech Therapists, Orthodontists, and Genetics people..........I am hoping since it's a multidisciplinary team they will be able to come up with what is the best route to help Connor with his speech.... Wish us Luck!!


Tonya said...

I hope everything goes well and they can find the problem. Thank goodness you're finding it early.

Anonymous said...

Good luck with everything on Tuesday! I hope they are able to get a solid action plan together for him. :-) Erin

Anonymous said...

Wow. I had do to some research on the Internet to even understand what you were talking about! That all sounds pretty crazy, but it sounds like you're working with some really great people. Good luck and keep us posted! Love you all!

- Robin

Anonymous said...

we are thinking of you...the drs will figure it all out