Wednesday, September 30, 2009

She love Cy too :)

Abby was on the floor this morning and found Connor's "Cy Bird" as he is officially called here :) and started playing with him. I grabbed the camera b/c it was just very cute (plus the camera was handy b/c I just took the pics of her hat). Well Connor said, "Mom!!!! Abby's eating Cy Bird!!!" and came over and snatched him away!!! Nobody messes with Cy in this house. So I found the cute little panda and she liked playing with him too. Oh and as a side note, her pants and sweater are 6-9 months :( she's growing too fast! This past weekend I packed up all her 3-6 month clothes (well most of them, some are still in rotation) and washed up all the 6-9 month stuff. Some will still have to be wrapped back up b/c they were supposed to be Christmas presents!
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Anonymous said...

Oh, no! Not another ISU... ;) I love her little ballerina top! Cute cute cute! That lower left-hand corner picture is so funny--I love her little expressions :D And Connor is just too funny protecting his "Cy Bird!" What fun!!
Please send my love around. Miss you guys!
- Robin