Thursday, August 5, 2010

Paul's Send-off

Clark, Connor, Paul, Abigail, Me, and Ebby
We found a nice shade tree for some pictures before the ceremony

Our Fam!!
Abs is holding her "daddy doll" it has a vinyl slot for a picture of her daddy:) She goes to bed with it and hugs it tight!

I wonder if she is looking for the snacks that are on the other side of the bag:) You can also see Connor and Abby's dolls.

Front: Robin, Connor, Erin
Back: Megan, Paul, Abigail, Me, Ebby, Clark, Great Grandma Faye
This was after the ceremony and it was getting HOT. We did find some shade up by the school.
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Amy said...

Great photos Sarah! Where did you find the "daddy dolls"?

sarahmmw said...

Connor's I got from the ISU 4-H extension for the last deployment and so for this deployment I called up the lady and she sent me one for Abs. They are part of Operation Give a Hug.

Anonymous said...

Sarah your family is beautiful! As the creator of HUGGEE MISS YOU (daddy dolls) I am so happy to see you have benefited from the hard work of OPERATION GIVE A Susan Agustin the women who donates to children of deployed families is amazing volunteer who started all of that. You can reach her at 1-253-691-9391 or to get more. For those that want the recordable or other designs we offer them very inexpensively at G-d Bless and thank you. We would love pictures to put on our site. If you can please email to me at Many Huggs! Audrey Storch