Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Connor's Birthday

So today is Connor's Birthday!!!!!!!!!!!!!! We got up and went in to work/school. We were going to bring in donut holes for the class but I couldn't find the bakery;) So we just went to school. As soon as the director came in I gathered Connor up and we went to look for that bakery with more light, and we succeeded! So we each picked out a donut and headed down to the Gene Leahey Mall where we walked along the water and watched the last couple ducks that were there. We also went down the bumpy slides a few times and then headed home to open the present that he got from Lily and Papa. We played helicopters for about an hour and then we went to the school that Connor may be going to for Kindergarten and played in the park near it until we saw all the children come out and play. He really liked seeing all the kindergartners. Then it was off to Red Robin, yum. We had lunch and Connor and I shared a hot fudge sundae and Connor got a balloon, which I tied loosely to his pants, and it blew away in the parking lot:( After that we went to Wal-Mart to get his cake and look for a present. For Abby's birthday I got a lemon cake and Connor wanted one for his birthday too, but apparently people don't eat lemon cakes in the fall, but Connor found the dragons from How to Train your Dragon and picked that as his present from Mom and Dad and Abby. Then we went to pick up Abby and on the way there Connor was telling me that his tummy hurt and he was sleepy. So we grabbed Abs and came home to "rest" on the couch while he held his new dragon and watched How to Train your Dragon. He feels "super better now" and wants to go to the "big park." After the park I promised Mc Donald's for supper (ugh, it's his favorite and it feels like we go there ALL THE TIME, but it's his birthday so that is where we are going) I asked if he wanted an ice cream cake from DQ since we couldn't get a lemon cake and he agreed (yes, sweet, that makes up for McD's) All in all, a pretty wonderful day. Abby isn't in a very good mood b/c she is under the weather but it has been YEARS since Connor and I hung out, just the two of us and it was sooooooo much fun. I am glad that we got to spend it together

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Tonya said...

Happy Birthday Connor! It sounds like you guys had a great day!