Sunday, November 8, 2009

Fresh Pumpkin!

I got some pie pumpkins the other day and today I decided to bake them and while I was scooping out the pumpkin I thought Abby would like some so I set some aside and that is what she had for lunch. She LOVED it!!!

I think she may have had one too many bites of pumpkin, she looks a bit done ;)
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Amy said...

ggod grief - I still can't get Olivia to eat anything and Abby is eating pumpkin!

sarahmmw said...

She really likes to eat, when I get around to trying it. They give her cereal and food at "lunch" and then it's hit or miss at home. We are better on the weekends :)

Anonymous said...

Ah!! Too funny! Yes she looks absolutely spent in that second picture, like she's ready to unbotton her little pants or something!! She must get that from her grandpas ;)
- Robin

sarahmmw said...

hehe :)

Anonymous said...

all the photos are great to see. Thanks for sharing darling daughter dora.