Tuesday, November 3, 2009

(these are backwards, I loaded them straight off the computer instead of with Picasa so I didn't know they went in the other order, oops!)

So this is Connor "all dressed up" with his new presents! Spiderman hat and mittens, winter coat and BUMBLEBEE blanket!!!

this is the cool dino card he got:)

Man, I turned away for a second and Connor starts to giggle and say, "Hey moooom" I turn back around and he has bitten right into his cake!! The little stinker, I couldn't help but giggle myself. I love him so much. He is such a wonderful son and big brother. I can't even believe that my baby is four years old. I am just glad that he misses the cut off for school and I don't have to deal with sending him to kindergarten next year! That will be tough. I have had him with me everyday for the last four years, I know I complain about it sometimes. It would be nice to not be with my children 24/7 but I hate to think about the day that he will be at school all by himself too :( They really do grow up too fast!


Anonymous said...

What a fun party you had with your mom, dad and sister Abigail. I like the cake on your face. You wear it well. love your lily

White Horse said...

Happy Birthday Connor! I too can't believe you are four. Just seems like yesterday your mom and I and Ann were creating dance routines in grandma's basement! Love the pictures!

Anonymous said...

That little stinker!!! That's awesome!! lol
- Robin