Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Hello Tooth!!!

Abby has really loved chewing on my knuckle these days. Well I went in to her classroom today and got her out of her bed to change her diaper and she leaned forward to chew on my knuckle and OUCH!! her first tooth is breaking through!!!!! May baby girl has a tooth!! I couldn't really see it but I could sure feel it:) It's one of her bottom front ones. Can't remember if it's right or left, I jerked too fast to really feel;) She's going to be eating steak and corn on the cob before you know it!


Anonymous said...

I am glad she finely got her tooth. She has been working on it for awhile now. Way to go Little Rose. love your lily

Anonymous said...

Wow, yeah you might as well give her a turkey leg at thanksgiving now! Has it been making her cranky at all?
- Robin