Saturday, June 16, 2012

Papillion Days, Part Duex

Check out the nice moat around the merry-go-round from our three days of rain! While we were sitting down eating our supper the kid in the jeans and blue shirt tried to jump off but didn't let go at the right time and he got dragged though the muddy water. His entire front was wet, from shoulders to feet, yuck :(
Tae Kwon Do demo
Messy face!

and hands!
snow cones, good to the last drop! I also love that the bowl is almost bigger than her face. Don't worry she shared some with her brother ;)
more damage from the storms, we saw this on the way back to our car.
So not only did poor Abs skin her knee on the way to the carnival but she totally biffed it right in front of our car on the way back! She was running and tripped and stopped herself with her face :( She is one tough cookie though. Not only did she get up and dust herself off after skinning her knee but the thing had been bleeding the whole time she was running to the carnival. When she went to take off her shoes for the bounce house she had about a two inch trail of blood down her leg! I had to wipe her off before she could bounce. She was a bit more upset about her face though :( poor girl.
Dolphin helped it feel a little better.....
By the time I had her buckled in her face was starting to swell :( Good thing I had an ice pack in the first aid kit!
Well, at least one child made it out in one piece!
How black and blue will this little face be in the morning??
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Megan W said...

What happened??

Megan W said...

What happened??

Sarah said...

Sorry the captions didn't post. got them on now. Poor face looks worse this morning!

Robin said...

Ah! Glad you were prepared with that First Aid kit!!

Anonymous said...

Looks like it was a fun day @ Papillion Days. Glad you had the first aid kit handy. E