Saturday, June 16, 2012

Papillion Day Outfit #25 Abby will NEVER be allowed to leave the house in!

My daughter will never be allowed to leave the house like this!!!! I don't know if you can see, but she has 2 silver studs along her pelvic bone, where a "tramp stamp" would be.....

Not only did the short shorts get me and the entire midriff showing and the belly ring and the studs on her back and the fact that it was strapless and just a thin piece of elastic holding it up but it has a big cut out in the back! That little boyfriend of hers will most likely not have his hands in his pockets all night.

I am so just going to have to stalk my children at this age!!!
Ok, enough of the mom rant, I just never want to deal with this!!! Mom, Dad?? Clark, Ebby, you want them at this age?????? 
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Robin said...

Yeah, you'd have to show off all those piercings after all the pain to get them I guess… How do you even get those back studs?!?! Crazy!

Robin said...

How do you even GET those back studs?!?!