Saturday, June 16, 2012

Papillion Days

Ready for Papillion Days!! We dressed a little grubby since it has been raining for three days! I even wore my mowing shoes!
Abby's feet were already dirty from markers this morning so I figured, bring on the mud!
Papillion La Vista South, Titans Marching Band. They weren't ISUCF"V"MB but they were good for a high school band:) Gotta love the drum line! I wanted to yell, "Cow Bell!!!!!!!" but figured they wouldn't know what I was talking about!

 Bounce House! Best deal of the day! $2 and since there wasn't a line the kiddos got to bounce to their hearts content!
On their four-wheeler
She wanted her own motorcycle though! Vroom Vroom!
my tough guy!

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