Saturday, August 18, 2012

Bumpy Slides at the Gene Leahy Mall

Connor had been asking to go to the bumpy slides downtown for awhile but it had been so hot and I was still nauseous that I kept putting it off. Well, I finally felt well enough to take them, early in the morning so it wasn't so hot. And thankfully there are a lot of trees around for shade too:)

Connor loves the slides, the faster the better. He even brought cardboard and wax paper so they would go faster!

Abby on the other hand wasn't brave enough at the begining of the morning to try them so she stuck to the frog. 

and Connor joined her for awhile 


And then of course she found some leaves to play with ;)

and of course all the stairs to climb and rocks to play with ;)

And FINALLY we got her to go on the slides ;) She used wax paper the last time she went down. I say the last time, not b/c we left right afterwards but b/c she went so fast that she flew off the end and landed in the dirty rocks at the bottom and was totally done with the slides the rest of the morning:( We will just have to try again some other day ;)

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Megan W said...

These slides look AWESOME!!! Connor - can we go next time I come to visit if your mom is feeling okay?? Pleeeeaaaassssssseeee!!

Anonymous said...

So cool! What fun kid things Omaha has. :-) -Erin