Saturday, August 18, 2012

Reusable Produce Bag

Wooooo Hooooo!!! I just finished my first bag and totally love the way it came out:) Paul said, "wow it really stretched, kind of looks like a fishing net now." Thanks dear ;)

This is the bag loaded up with about 20 apples I picked from my neighbor's tree! 

Just a few apples to see the shape a little better 

And my artisitc shot ;) Look at the natural lighting, the wonderful contrast of the blue, green and dark brown, and of course the light sprinkling of leaves:) Ok so the leaves were mixed in with the apples and I just left them, that part was not really planned but sure gives the picture a little extra something, don't ya think ;) 
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Anonymous said...

Lol - looks awesome, Sarah! Great artistic shot. You didn't have to give your secrets away. -Erin