Sunday, August 19, 2012

Pinterest item made!!!

My kiddos are totally cold cereal and pb&j kids. That is all they would ever eat if I didn't step in and make something else. Abby is not really an egg eater either, if I makes scrambled eggs she might take one maybe two bites. She will eat her toast and bacon, but eggs aren't her thing. So I went on Pinterest in search for some breakfast ideas that might get them eating some more;) I found a few great ideas, today I tried, Bacon Egg Wraps from

Abby loves being mommy's helper. She helped crack the eggs and mix in the cheese! 

Putting the bacon in the muffin tin:) 

Filled with cheese/egg mixture 

Right out of the oven! 

Nothing goes better with some Bacon Egg Wraps than some homemade applesauce!!!! 

I think they were a hit ;)
Even Abby ate a whole one! More eggs than she has had in one sitting I think forever! Connor had 2 and Paul and I ate the rest (Paul even came back to the table to eat the leftovers ;) )
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Megan W said...

Looks like a hit!

Anonymous said...

What a good helper! They look delicious, Sarah! -Erin