Monday, September 3, 2012

So there is Fancy Nancy, I guess this is Awesome Abby ;)

So remember the score of great clothes I got at Big Wheels to Butterflies? Well this is her "princess dress" :) She loves how much it swings. She thought she needed to show it off for me a little ;) Then I told her to go grab some shoes so we could go grab lunch......

Not only did she grab some shoes (her new Nikes) but she also grabbed her new wool winter coat and lady bug backpack ;) Now, yes, it is getting close to fall but the temps have still been in the 90's!!!!! No need for the winter coat yet. But thankfully she took it off in Panera and let me hold it on the way back to the car ;)

:) Awesome Abby ;)

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laurabeth1976 said...

She looks adorable and I can definitely relate. My Remarkable Rebecca just got a new Girls Winter Coats from Burlington Coat Factory and every time we go out she wants to wear it-- even though it is nowhere near that cold yet. She loves the style (and I have to admit she looks adorable in and I loved the price). However, I don't see myself letting her wear it outside until it starts getting colder.