Monday, September 3, 2012

Just another day at the Whitford House

I think I mentioned on another post that I had found a Pinterest link to 25 breakfasts, well here is another one ;) Pancake and Sausage Bites!! Super yummy and super easy. Make your pancake mix pour into mini muffin tins and then add the cooked sausage! 
 As you can see, the kids loved dipping and munching on these yummy "muffins" they even had them without syrup for snack!

 This, is how a three year old "makes her bed." Connor and Abby make their beds when they wake up before they get dressed. Well Connor does a really good job of getting all the sheets and blankets pulled up, Abby, well she just does her blanket. But I have to admit that is the only thing she covers up with. For the summer we haven't even put her bedspread back on!

And of course I love when Abby wakes up from nap and says, "I have a good nap mom? I sweaty."

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