Monday, September 3, 2012

Making Applesauce with Mom (pictures added!)

Abby is telling me that she is going to grab three apples ;)


 I would put the apple on, Abby would slice and peel and core, I would take the core off, give her another one and cut it up! We made quite the team ;)

 So many peels and cores!! Her arm sure got a work out that day!

 At the end Abby wanted in on the cutting, well I am no dummy, I am not handing my pairing knife over to a 3 year old, so she just broke hers up, ring by ring:) 

 And as you can see Abby was a great little helper picking the apples too:) Hey, the small ones worked too. She ate a lot of the small ones though b/c they were "just the right size"

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