Thursday, December 10, 2009

Tubes for Abby

Abby has had ear infections off and on since the middle of October :( She has been on Amoxicillian, Augmenten, Omnicef, Rocefin and Suprex (may have misspelled all of those ;) )Since none of those are working to actually get rid of the ear infection they have to do tubes. Hopefully that will help her and she will feel better. She has been a real trooper and Dr. Denman even said she was one tough cookie because she has been acting really good even though her right ear is really infected and nothing is helping. My mom and I said it was sad because she probably thinks that the pain is just normal now:( I am a bit nervous because even though it is a simple procedure she will still be put under general anesthesia and it's still surgery. But I know she will do great and be a brand new little girl when it's all over. The surgery is scheduled for Friday December 18th.

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White Horse said...

She is one tough cookie! Poor little girl :( Lots of kisses from Aunt Cousin Laura!