Wednesday, December 9, 2009

"Give Me Some of THAT!!!"

I think that would be what Abby would be yelling if she could speak. Paul was holding Abby in the kitchen near the stove and I walked over and took a piece of garlic bread off the baking sheet. Abby about JUMPED out of Paul's arms and tried to knock me down to get the bread! I was eating a PB & J today and feeding her some peas and peaches. She was eating but she just kept looking at me with this glare. Like she was thinking in her head, "You witch! How dare you eat that in front of me and not SHARE!!! Didn't your mother teach you to share!!! Were you raised in a barn????" Ever since she had her first biter biscuit she seems to think that she can just eat everything! Her doctor said that she could now have most breads, yogurt and eggs. So the other day for breakfast she had some scrambled eggs and dry toast. I don't know how much, if any that she actually ate by the look of her high chair but she LOVED the whole process:) speaking of Abby eating Paul is holding her saying she is hungry, AGAIN ;)

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Anonymous said...

... BAAAHAHAHA!!!!!!!!!!!!

- Robin