Friday, December 25, 2009

Pierced ears

This was the day that Abby had her tubes put in. We didn't really get her ears pierced ;) They had to mark her ears and I have to admit, I thought that it was kind of cute!

She even got her right ear "double pierced" actually her ear folded over when I was nursing her and it rubbed off ;)
The surgery went great. The beginning of recovery, not so much. The nurses at Children's Hospital were great. They tried to prepare us for the fact that she would be in pain when she came back to us and that sucking and burping could possibly hurt. Well when she came back to us she was SCREAMING. It was a scream that I hope I never have to hear again. She just was miserable! She couldn't get comfy, she was in pain and she was hungry but nursing hurt her. I just wanted to cry. But then, BOOM the nurses came back in with meds, soft music and a warm blanket and she was out! What relief, for both of us!! She slept and when she woke up she was back to her normal self. As we were leaving she was checking everything out and talking :) It was so wonderful to see her happy after how bad she felt before. She had a great day but her nights have been pretty off since then. We went to her pediatrician to get her second flu shot and she checked her ears for me. She said they were the best she has every seen them, phew! But that means that my daughter is waking up 3-5 times a night screaming for some other reason! We are trying hard not to go in to her room, and let her figure it out and get herself back to sleep, especially now that we know she is not in pain, but it's so hard to hear her scream! Lets hope tonight is better..........
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Amy said...

You scared me! I was like NO WAY did she get her ears pierced. Glad everything went pretty well. :)

sarahmmw said...

Yeah, we have said that when Abby asks to get her ears pierced, then we will have the discussion :) Not before then though!