Friday, December 25, 2009

Seven Months Old!

Well our little lady is now SEVEN months old! She is sitting like a champ, rolling all over, doing the ever loved army crawl, saying "dada" or dad likes to think ;), and just tonight she pulled herself up on the edge of the tub!!! She has had some scrambled eggs, toast, some juice and she loves them all!!! She was sleeping from 7pm-7am but since her tubes she has been waking up a ton more. We are working on getting back to that nice 12 hour night. Lets see, is there anything else???? Oh, she loves to sing and dance. She will shake and rock and laugh!!! She loves to be read to and sung to, she is such a happy little lady. She has SUCH a temper though :( We are working on that too ;) wish us luck! We sure don't need a diva on our hands, no time for that!
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