Sunday, April 18, 2010

Connor flipped through pages and pages of pictures until he found just the right thing to have painted on his face;) Batman it was!!! We even let him leave it on til the next day. You should have heard him while we were taking his shirt off and putting them on! "DON'T GET BATMAN!!! did you get Batman? Is it alright??"

Abby got to tumble a bit while Connor and mom stood in a very long line for the ponies!

But at last we made it to the front of the line!!! Connor did a great job, even with his brace. He rode one handed like a real cowboy! I got a few gray hairs though as a runaway balloon headed straight for Connor's horse and it kicked up a little to get out of the way of the balloon, all I could see was a matching set of braces!! He did great staying calm and I am sure that the fact that he had a seat belt on helped too:)
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