Friday, April 2, 2010

Here is Abby's dress with the ribbons in and all done. She wore her pretty headband to school today too and though most people laughed, I thought she looked adorable!!! And, she really seemed to like it too:) I love the picture of us on the playground right before the egg hunt. I wish I would have let Connor snag a few eggs then because when the rest of the class came out he only ended up with 6 eggs!!! But he got some chocolate, a frog, and a hippo with a parachute so he was pretty pleased:) It was a great day and we all had lots of fun. My camera battery died so I ended up taking pictures with one of the teachers camera but didn't get them off before she took off for the night. Hopefully Monday I can get them and post some more!!
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Anonymous said...

yeah, i like the headband!!