Thursday, April 1, 2010

Head Bands and Pillowcase Dresses :)

When I was in Ames a few weeks ago I had dinner with some friends. Amy was one of them and she had her little Olivia with her. Olivia had a really cute flowered headband on. Amy insisted I could make on so I tried!!! What do you think? I think that I will tack the flower down in a couple more spots and I just used the thread that was on my machine, which was red, so next time I will use black or whichever color matches the headband but I think that for a first try it's not too shabby!! Plus the hose were $2 and I will be able to get 3-4 head bands out of it and the flower was $3 for a whole branch of flowers so it was a great deal!!!

I also tried my hand at the "pillowcase" dress. I don't have any cute pillow cases laying around that I have been thinking, hmmm what should I do with that so instead I used some of my fat quarters!! I do have tons of those laying around:) and now I have a great little way to use them. I have collected just a few and never really have any plan for them, so I never really have enough of a certain kind to do a whole quilt with or anything. I also found that one fat quarter wasn't enough so I just did strips of 2 to make it big enough. I also have one that I use about 3-4 that Abby will be wearing today. I still need to get ribbon for this one so it still looks a little funny at the top but overall I am happy. The arm holes are a you know what to sew though.......(so don't look too close;))

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Amy said...

Love it! See I told you you could make one!!!!!!!

call me Laura said...

Cute dresses, I have made several out of dollar bandana's from walmart. They are perfect 2t-3t size for a dress.