Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Silly Abby

As part of getting ready to stay at home there were some items I wanted to get. One of those items were the large plastic multi-colored buttons that come in different shapes and would be fun to sort! Well my WAY more practicle and thrifty husband looked at me and said, "so you want something plastic, that is different colors and shapes?" me: Yes "Why don't you just have her use the hundreds of Legos that we have down there?" me:hmmmmmmm, fine I suppose that will work, grrrr.

Well I grabbed some colored construction paper and had her sort them! It worked well except for the fact that she didn't really want to do it;) She did start using her colored plates, the red, green and yellow ones and stuck the blocks on those. Then she just wanted to build with them;)

Ok, and I HAD to document this! She had the laundry basket in the middle of the room, trying and trying to get it in but it wasn't working. So she pulled it over to the couch.....

and figured out how to get in!!


Short lived success;) That's what happens when you get a little too confident. She started doing a victory dance and tipped over!

Oh, man! Shake it off Abby!!
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Anonymous said...

Hahaha - loved the progression! E