Thursday, February 16, 2012

On Our Way to the YMCA!

Abby was swinging on the banister while I was gathering up the towels and things. She was just so stinking cute singing and swinging I just had to snap a couple pictures!! She wanted a pony tail in, "No piggies Momma, pony!" and she just looked so grown up! She is sure getting to be a big girl..............:(

Yes, I know she has two different shoes on. I could only find three shoes in her room and none of them matched! At least both of these were soft soled so she wouldn't be walking lopsided with one soft soled and one hard soled shoe;)

I asked her if I could get a picture of her pony;)
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Robin said...

Oh she DOES look so grown up! I love the barrette in the front!

Anonymous said...

Lol - I agree - she does look so grown up I can hardly believe it! The shoes crack me up - at least there was one for the left foot & one for the right!