Thursday, February 2, 2012

Pipe cleaners and a colander, who knew?

So this morning we had some great cuddle time while Abby was pretending to be a kitty, very sweet:) But after that I could tell Abs was ready for something out came something that I had pinned from Fresh Idea Mama! We had lots of fun, as you can see:)

look at that happy face!

Then I added some flare by wrapping some around my finger and then Abby tried. We made spirals with one finger and zig zags with all of our fingers, we even wrapped them around our toes!!

Abby trying to wrap her finger:)

We made everything from a boat to a monster, lots of fun!!
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Robin said...

Hey! That is super creative and fun! I love how simple awesome ideas can be!

Robin said...

Oh! I love hearing her talk! Thanks for posting! And it looks like she has a talent for magic too! (Pulling the p.c. out of the upside-down colander!) Totally worth the afternoon it took to upload! ;)