Monday, February 6, 2012


I had found a really neat idea on Pinterest that I wanted to try with Abby. Well it didn't really turn out like the picture online. But there are no failures when it comes to exploring with children, it just might take another path ;) I will have to look a little more online for more information on the actual art we were trying to create. I still can't wait to see how this turns out when it's dry!

Should have known better......oh well, she created some wonderful new colors, right?

Shortly after she had mixed up all the colors (hehe) she told me that she wanted to paint with the water so I asked her what color paper she wanted and she said blue.

What I didn't get a picture of was, I walked away for a minute and she had grabbed the salt shaker and went to town on her paper;) So she had flooded her paper with water and salt!
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Robin said...

No, the first pic shows her with a salt shaker. She's a resourceful and creative little one! :D

sarahmmw said...

I let her use salt on the first b/c it was supposed to make a cool effect but she poured it on just plain paper with water, it kinda looked like snow once it all dried ;)

Anonymous said...

What a true statement & a great reminder: there are no failures when exploring with children. It looks like the two of you are having fun no matter the route the project takes.