Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Making Cinnamon Rolls

Well the cinnamon rolls were made and rising in the pan. There was some left over flour on the counter and I was sweeping it in to a pile to wipe off when Abby and Connor said they wanted to play with it. Abby was interested a lot longer than Connor:) She stayed up there for about an hour or maybe more. At one time I looked over and she wasn't there. I asked Ebby if she knew where she was, she didn't, I asked Paul and Clark, they didn't know where she was. I called her name and UP she POPPED! She said, "Here I am! I just cleaning the stool." I guess she has dropped some of the flour on the step stool and she was wipping it onto the floor ;)

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Anonymous said...

Lol I'm glad they had fun! Her SLEEVES crack me up the most! How come you didn't comment on those?!? E
PS: I like cinnamon rolls. Can we make them for when I come to visit? Pleeeease?

Sarah said...

Of course we can make some when you come!!!!
We had to strip that girl down when she was done:) I am surprised that all the flour didn't clogged up the washing machine!! ;)