Wednesday, June 3, 2009

2 Week Check-up

Ebby and I thought that she would be about 8lbs 2oz, well we got the 2 oz right!! The pediatrician said that she was doing great and that if she sleeps through the night I should let her sleep. Um, yeah!! That's the plan!! So last night she didn't sleep as well as she has the two nights before that but I used a swaddle blanket instead of swaddling her with a receiving blanket. The swaddle blanket isn't as tight as I swaddle so that could have been the difference. We shall see! She is doing so well though, she is just a wonderful little girl!
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Laura Zellmer said...

wow she grew a lot more than maggie did in two weeks. yeah maggie isn't much of being swaddled since we left the hospital but that's ok she usually sleeps 6 hours for me at night except last night, maybe something was in the air, not just in how she was swaddled, lol.

Megan W said...

I can't believe how much she has grown! I hope to see her soon. I'll give you a call though before dropping in. :-)