Monday, June 1, 2009

2 Weeks Old!

I can't even believe that it's been TWO WEEKS!!!! Abigail is doing so well. She eats like a champ and the last 2 nights she has slept like one too :)

"Lilly" bought Abigail her very first stuffed animal, a baby seal. We thought that it would be fun to track Abigail's growth in comparison to Sammy.

Connor wanted to get in on the action too ;)

The first time Abby got a bath I planned it close to bed time and nursed her and changed her and she was WIDE AWAKE! She didn't sleep that well that night either so last night I decided to bathe her earlier and then hope that she was drowsy by bed time. Well this time I bathed her and nursed her and changed her and she was fast asleep, at 7:30pm!!!!!! I let her sleep for awhile but then at 9 I laid her on a blanket and hoped that the cool air would help wake her and she would be up for about an hour and then would nurse well at 10 and go back to bed. Well, no luck! She stayed asleep, wouldn't wake up even to nurse. So I pumped and went to bed. She didn't wake up until 2am!!!!!!! and then was awake to eat at 5:45am!!!!!!!!!!! All I have to say is WOW, granted it would have been nice to have those 6.5 hours from 10pm to 4:30am but since I have absolutely zero say in what she does right now I will take what I can get!!

Abby has her 2 week check-up tomorrow. Ebby and I think that she will weight 8lbs 2 oz. We will see how right we are. The little lady eats REALLY well so we shall see. I will post her stats after her appointment.
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Amy said...

Such a beautiful little girl! I need to find a special stuffed animal to take Olivia'a pictures with too. I loved seeing Tonya do this for Adeline and hope I can remember to do it for Olivia.

sarahmmw said...

I was going to take Connor's picture in his car seat and I think that I only got 2 of those, we will see if I do better with Abs! I got the idea from Tonay ;) My mom bought the seal and I thought of the Moose right away!

Anonymous said...

I think that is a cute picture of Connor getting into the act with his sis. Abigail looks so sweet. love to you my darling daughter dora