Saturday, June 20, 2009

Cutie Patootie

This is one of the cute little dresses that Miss Abigail has gotten. This one came from her Aunt Erin:) Super Cute!

I got a couple of pictures of Connor loving on his new sis. He loves to give her kisses and feel her soft arms and legs. He won't hold her anymore though! If you ask if he wants to hold her he will say, "no, I held her a lot already" I have to share another cute Connor story. Abby and I went to an Ice Cream Social at the Child Care Center and when we were walking back to the car Connor noticed that the handle of the car seat wasn't in the position that it usually is. I had brought it up and it had locked into place but not all the way up like normal. Abby was sitting more upright than her usual reclined position. Connor glanced over and started waving his arms yelling, "don't dump her Momma!!! Don't dump her out!!!" I couldn't help but laugh while explaining that she was strapped in and was not going to fall out ;) Glad he is keeping an eye out for her though!
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Anonymous said...

She looks so beautiful! So glad it fits! Aunt Erin