Monday, January 30, 2012

Abby's Monster!

I got this idea from my dear friend Amy from her blog, Simple.Messy.Fun! I got a cheapy picture from Goodwill and took the "lovely" picture out of it and then let Abby go to town with the window crayons and markers. It was sooooo much easier to clean up the picture frame instead of my whole sliding glass door. So they will still be able to use the door, sometimes, but this is a great alternative for a quick easy clean-up time to use those great window marker and crayons. I want to put some backgrounds in there too sometime to see what she does with them then;)

Starting her new monster ;)

She was really in to big circles.
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Megan W said...

Looks like Abby's monster has fun hair just like her!

Robin said...

She is a great story teller! And she sounds so much like Connor! I'm glad you found another fun activity! :D

sarahmmw said...

I love her story and so glad that I figured out an easy way to post videos!