Saturday, January 7, 2012

Four Days after "no Poo"

I made homemade hand lotion for the teachers at the child care center for Christmas. While I was looking for recipes I stumbled across homemade everything! I started reading this post on all about how to clean your hair naturally.  She was a stay at home mom and wanted to help her family save money in many different ways and she felt that her shampoo was stripping her hair of all the good oils and therefore causing her body to overcompensate and make more oil. Hmmmmm, sounded VERY familiar to me, a new SAH mom myself :) So I thought, well, why not try it out! (I will post the before pics now)

The back looks pretty good
But you can see that the side looks a bit stringy and yucky. This is actually a HUGE improvement from the day before. Day one wasn't too shabby, day two was a hat day and day three was a gross, pony tail and hat day, it was really oily. So then the night of day three I put 2 more TBS of Baking Soda in the bottle and topped it off with water. It really helped the crown of my head and I think that it would be pretty good if I would have gotten it on the ends a bit more. Today I am running a mile and doing fitness testing for Ferrall's so it should be interesting as how it works on sweaty hair too. I will keep you posted!

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