Sunday, January 15, 2012

My Quilt

This morning Abby asked if we could cuddle with my "new" blanket. I couldn't think of any recent blanket purchases so I was confused and asked her to show me which blanket. She brought me the quilt that my Grandma Reinig made for me when I was a little girl. Abby told me that it was her FAVORITE blanket :) So of COURSE we cuddled under the quilt. It's starting to show it's age in places so I think I may have to see about getting it restored and hopefully make it a bit sturdier. I would love to have Abby use it but it's mine and I don't want it ruined by a two year old! So I may have to take it out of circulation till it's fixed a bit so her little fingers don't make small tears into big ones. The quilt itself is really sturdy, it's just the Holly Hobby applique that is made out of fairly thin fabric that is wearing and holes are showing and the ribbon on her hat is coming unstitched. Once I get it all fixed up I hope that it will truly be one of Abigail's favorite blankets :)

And of course there isn't a picture taken in our house with out Connor jumping in :)
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Super cute pictures! Erin