Sunday, January 22, 2012

Rug Update!

This is a pic of half of the rug, on my lap!
Paul and I had a date night last night and went to dinner and a movie while Megan stayed with the kiddos (for our birthdays!!)While we were gone she ripped some more fabric and I balled it up when we got home, it's BIG!!!

This is a picture of the rug last night, I have more done on it already, it's getting there!!! I love the fabrics that we used last night. They are from a quilt that I made for Brooke's little guy, Julian WAY back when the boys were not even two!! It was a sock money quilt:)

Shoot I was going to try to find a picture of the sock monkey quilt and link it but I guess I never blogged about it :( Trust me, it was very cute ;)
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Anonymous said...

Looking good! I hope you had a great date night & a nice weekend w/Aunt Meme! E

sarahmmw said...

Oh, we sure did!

The Stilwells said...

My grandma made these ALL the time!