Saturday, January 7, 2012

New Products!

Read farther down to hear about my new "poo" but as I said, I found a lot of homemade products out there and I decided to try out homemade facial cleanser. Now this is going to sound CRAZY, I know, I thought so too but read the info on it and while it may not be for you, I LOVE IT!!!! The skin on my face has never felt better! I am almost 34 and the last few months before I tried this my forehead was breaking out, yuck, seriously, come on. Well I figured my skin couldn't get any worse, it was already breaking out, oil in the "T" zone dry dry and patchy other places, so I tried it. Equal parts Castor Oil and Olive Oil. I know, I lost you right there, didn't I. But unlike the shampoo, which I am still trying, going to try to give it 2 weeks like she said, the facial cleanser I noticed a difference right away. It was wonderful!!!! Different, but wonderful! My skin does NOT feel oily one bit but I don't feel dry either, my forehead, has gotten better, not completely cleared up but it has improved and that has been only 5 days in I had some vitamin E and Lavender around from when I made some hand lotion so I put a few drops of that and so at night when I rub the cleanser into my skin and then steam it off with a hot wash cloth it's like a mini facial! LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!!!!! I only use about a quarter size amount nightly. So the bottle you see there is a travel bottle with 2 TBS of olive and 2 TBS of Castor Oil. I have been using it for 5 days and it's still well over half full. Feel free to ask any questions and I will answer them! I will also keep posting about my switch to baking soda shampoo!!
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