Monday, January 30, 2012

Wacky Wednesday!!

Last Wednesday was "wacky Wednesday" at Connor's school, well at least that was what Connor said. So they both got to dress crazy. Turns out it was NOT Wacky Wednesday;) Connor was the only wacky child in his whole school, but he said it was great so kudos to him:) Abby certainly couldn't be left out of fun wacky clothes so we found some great items for her to put together too!
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Megan W said...

They certainly are wacky! Sarah, did you join in too?

Robin said...

HAAA!!! What a goofy kid! I'm so glad he has his own Wacky Wednesdays! I bet all the other kids will want to join in now, too! :D

sarahmmw said...

Megan, I had wacky socks, does that count??????